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Starbird Explorations is a guide service in the State of Maine. We offer everything you need to make the most of your outdoor experience from canoeing and kayaking trips, to hiking (snowshoeing Available in winter) and camping trips. If you want to see some of the locals, we also offer moose spotting, freshwater snorkeling and nature walks that are sure to get you in touch with all of the Maine wildlife. Due to high demand, we also made available mineral prospecting in some of Maine’s most secret locations.

We will work with any client to achieve their greatest experience possible. Nature is calling… Are YOU listening?

Call STARBIRD EXPLORATIONS at 207.491.9140  or contact us at info@starbirdexplorations.com

Momma Moose!

Who's that? Moose!

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The trip begins on an old notch pass that is closed to winter traffic. After meeting on the main drag a few miles away, we slowly work our way down the ancient travel path through dense woods on a one way dirt road. As we near the parking area, the land begins to shoot straight upward all around us. The notch is a very tight access route that the Native Americans used during hunting and fishing trips to the small ponds and bogs throughout the area. The nubble’s and( To read more)

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The Beautiful Sandy River

The day is bright and early. It gives hint to a hot and humid afternoon with a slight breeze now and then for relief. Upon gathering on the shoreline, some brief introductions and a briefing of equipment and some safety issue’s, we unload the boats and gear and slide down the bank to the crystal clear water. Once all are in the boats and gear placed in the proper places, we shove off.

The birds all around us welcome our adventure with songs and flashes of identity. The beginning pool is like glass and it’s depth can be penetrated by certain focus. After drifting and settling in with our comfort level and some basic paddle instruction, we start to hear the run ahead.

One by one, we shoot through the rapids and… (click here to read about the rest of the trip)

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Carrabassett River

The Carrabassett River is a beautiful ride anytime of the year. With its fast water in the northern region and its slower tranquil water in the southern region, there is a little something for everyone.

The trips for most of the year begin in a little town called Kingfield. We all meet at the dam and gather together for some briefing. Once everyone is ready, we shove off for a quick beginning. The water moves quickly and gets the blood pumping. After a short period of time, we start to smooth out and relax for the ride. The river meanders through the woods and fields of Kingfield and Wildlife is abound.

Rip after rip, and pool after pool, we can understand why the Native Americans loved this river. With… (click here to read more)

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Nothing Says Spring in Maine Like…

Watch very closely and you will see some of Maine’s coolest natural wonders – and a very curious new friend.

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***video was taken last spring at a ‘secret lake’ location on a first of its kind Fresh Water Snorkeling Trip

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Mount Blue

As you drive into the Big Weld Valley, you can’t help but notice the circle of mountains that surround it. Peak after peak of rolling blue mountains as far as you can see in any direction. There is one that stands out above all the rest, Mount Blue. With her distinctive cone shape rising steeply from all sides, it is no wonder the Native Americans considered it a Holy Mountain.

This mountain can be seen from 50 miles around and easily recognized for its distinctive feature. The view from the top is 360 degrees of splendor. The hike starts from a wooded parking lot with no indication of the size of the mountain you are about to climb. Upon meeting in the town of Weld, at the local store we proceed down a long dirt road winding through the woods. Along the way we pass a beautiful spring and several brook crossings. Once everyone is parked and gear gathered, we go through a briefing and we are off.

The trail is a steady gentle incline for most of the way. There has been some work done to the lower half of the trail and gives the feeling of climbing a staircase up, up and away.

to read the rest, click here

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